Beef berry salad

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900g beef sirloin
Green beans 12
The right amount of vegetables
Artichoke slices 485g
1 cup black olives
Cheese 200g
Tomato 6
2 tablespoons capers
Salt to taste
The amount of coarse black pepper
Cream sauce: 1 tablespoon French mustard sauce
Oil and vinegar 100ml
Garlic, crushed 3
Red Berry 500g
Olive oil 200ml
Refined sugar 1 tbsp


1 green beans, boiled vegetables and let cool, cut into suitable lengths spare; cream sauce Stir all the material, at least one hour standby.
2 beef with salt and black pepper, olive oil in a frying pan with a maturity cooked according to personal preference, or preheat oven to 190 ° C barbecue cooked to the desired degree of (semi about 25 minutes), and cool down after slices aside.
3 green beans and vegetables will practice 1, practice 2 slices of beef, and artichoke slices, black olives, feta cheese, tomato , capers, all lined up on a plate, and finally topped with cream sauce, fresh spices embellishment is complete.

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