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REVIEW: baby sleep or rest is not normal is not stable, the next day to go to work often makes parents feel very troubled by fatigue. Xiaobian to share these good way to get your baby to sleep sleep peacefully sleep until dawn with you parents. Allows you to not have to worry at night was awakened by the baby.

First, the reason for the baby to sleep is not stable

1, physical development factors

Baby in the maturation process, the ability to regulate body functions and are not perfect, so the baby to sleep is slow, shallow sleep state by about 20 minutes, to enter deep sleep stages.

2, eating bad time

Baby feeding between meals, sometimes bloating occurs, the number is different for everyone. Some mothers milk night to feed several times a day, resulting in excessive eating milk child to sleep, bloating fitfully, affect the quality of sleep, wake up the young mother but immediately went to appease with milk, resulting in a vicious cycle.

3, the baby wet diaper

Baby's buttocks touch the wet urine or feces, but the baby will feel quite uncomfortable, the baby would not express in words the night with a crying to vent his (her) dissatisfaction.
4, the environmental impact of interference

Too noisy sound, vibration or too much visual stimulation, but also let the baby sleep anxiety, crying. Indoor light is too strong, the family was watching TV and talking loudly laughing baby would interfere with normal sleep, easy to wake up.

5, thick quilts too thin

Easy night kicking quilt, quilt cover too thick or too thin, it can cause the baby is too hot or cold while sleeping, irritability caused by children, hands and feet to tamper with, which is the common cause of the baby to sleep is not stable.

6, overheating cold temperatures

Alternating hot summer or cold winter, the season will affect the indoor temperature. The indoor temperature is too cold or overheated, will make the baby feel anxious or uncomfortable, crying easily.

7, pathological disease factors

Baby sleeping intestinal parasites are the most common reasons children are not stable, parasitic disease can cause indigestion and child malnutrition, anemia, easy to panic and other symptoms, early rickets in children often sleep fitfully. Factors otitis media, gastroenteritis, or hernia, colic, etc. These diseases may also be caused by the baby unwell.

Second, sleep peacefully points

A moderate light

Have moderate light in the bedroom. Although the baby likes to sleep in the relatively dark environment, it is best to have at least a light source. In the evening, when the baby is sleeping, the mother is best to prepare a flashlight, when the middle of the night to take care of the baby, do not turn on the lights, can be used flashlights to illuminate nursing baby, avoid bright lights, it will wake up the baby, causing crying.

2, the contact with the baby

To maintain contact with the baby's mother. Because the baby suddenly left her mother's arms, it is prone to startle, and then woke up. So put down the baby needs her mother at the same time, then gently pat cajole, etc. After the baby sleep steady, still remain in the hand of the baby's body to be a while, you can sing a lullaby or that some of the words of some rhythmic coax the baby to sleep secure.

3, attention to ventilation

In addition, in order to keep your baby's sleep hygiene, baby's room should be ventilated twice a day, every 15 minutes, but pay attention to is: Do not leave the bed too close to the window, do not open the window opposite sides formed drafts in winter should open transom ventilation; should close the window before going to bed and getting up, to prevent undressing, dressing and cool book.

Third, to the normal daily routine

1, the adjusted clock

Baby within two or three months, almost all day and night, regardless of the existence of the phenomenon, with the increase of age your baby will gradually adjusted. There used to cultivate the baby rest, get to bed on time, nap time not too long or too late, it will help your baby sleep circadian rhythm gradually established.

2, scientific feeding

Baby neither empty nor insisted, baby big point should be gradually reduced during the night feeding times, the baby will eat at least one hour before bedtime, do not eat snacks and difficult to digest things, so as to avoid indigestion and difficulty falling asleep.

3, bedtime preparations

Let your baby before bedtime emptying toilet, brush your teeth, wash your face, Xipi Gu, feet. Give the baby to sleep at night before the summer, warm bath, the body is more conducive to refreshing sleep soundly.

4, good mood before going to bed

Do not let your baby play bedtime overexcited, do not give the baby to see intense fighting TV show, my mother do not speak terrible ghost story, can not arbitrarily blame or frighten your baby, your baby calm pleasant state of mind to go to bed.

5, a natural sleep

From the first day the baby is born, it is necessary to develop his natural sleep alone, to develop not speak, do not shoot do not coax, do not hug does not hold, not hooded, excluding pacifier, do not bite a corner, not sucking, do not hold Toy good sleep habits.

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