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REVIEW: Children learn to speak period, parents often find that children will speak stammer, stutter worried about whether the baby has a language barrier, in fact, about 2 years old baby talk occasionally appear tense Do not repeat the sentence, which is a natural phenomenon, but the majority will be with growth correction, but if the stuttering phenomenon not improve, parents must face up to this problem.

First, the type of the causes of stuttering children

1, physiological factors stuttering

Stuttering physiological factors, mainly the central nervous system or motor nerve function imbalance, developmental delay problems arise, human mouth, lips, tongue movements belong precise action, if coordination dysfunction will naturally affect the tongue movement, making the talk is not smooth.

2, physiological stuttering

Physiological stuttering, due to an error stubborn resistance will become increasingly strong, early detection and early treatment is always better, physiological stuttering grow if you wait until after the treatment, the therapeutic effect compared with psychogenic stuttering usually poor. Treatment is not so simple. ...

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