Prevent coughing baby in the hot summer

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REVIEW: hot and humid summer air, the baby is very easy to get sick, cough is a very common one, mom not think that only winter season when it is easier to cough, baby If this problem occurs in the summer, and the difficulty of physical harm does not care up small it, Mom and Dad must be careful ah. Xiao Bian today to share with you some knowledge of prevention summer cough.

First, summer cough in infants

1, food allergies

Phenomenon dietary factors cause coughing attacks more common, especially in infants and young children prone to allergies to food, but gradually decreases with age. Summer cold is also one of the factors inducing allergic cough cough in children with seizures.

2, air and climate

When the air temperature, temperature, barometric pressure, and (or) other changes in air ions can induce coughing. In summer, some families in the open air for a long time for the baby, but children under the age of blowing air for too long, can easily lead to coughing, wheezing.

3, infection

The formation and the onset of cough and recurrent respiratory tract infections. In many cough in children, there may be bacterial, viral or mycoplasma infections.

4, inhalation

Some families are not promptly cleaned and disinfected air conditioning, and even improper spray repellent agents, which is one of the main reasons leading to frequent coughing baby

Second, a good way to treat cough Summer Infant

1, phlegm type cough

When the baby has a cough, yellow sputum and yellow when the tongue also belong phlegm type cough, then you can use white radish soup, or fried white radish, has the role of phlegm, and can pass stool.

2, Yin clip-heat cough

When the baby prolonged cough, sputum, but rarely, can be used a traditional Chinese medicine prescription, Fritillaria research into powder, and pear with steaming, add some sugar, cough with good results. Also do white fungus soup, lily porridge to feed their children, can lungs and cough.

3, in the heat outside the cold-type cough

When the baby from the hot environment suddenly into the air-conditioned rooms, the cold can also cause coughing, can ginger 3 small pieces, chopped, along with a handful of boiled rice gruel, eat twice a day for eating 3-5 days. Can warm the stomach, bulk cold, Lee lung.

4, allergic cough

If the family has a history of allergies or asthma history, should bring the child to the hospital to check allergens. And to deal with this cough, can do ginkgo ginkgo porridge or pork soup, however, because a small drug ginkgo, must be very bad stew to eat.

Third, the summer cough Care Tips

1, to ensure adequate sleep

Get enough sleep and water is essential for cough baby. Lack of sleep not only affects the growth and development of the baby, but also reduce the baby's immunity. The lower the resistance of the baby will be repeated colds, which is one of the main causes of baby cough.

2, drink plenty of water

Drying is one of the causes throat baby suffering from pharyngitis, and pharyngitis is a common cause of chronic cough in babies. So let the baby should drink more water, the body needed to replenish moisture, which has a flushing effect on the throat, to avoid a dry throat.

3, eat spicy and sweet food, proper diet

Sweet and spicy foods will increase your baby's cough. Mom always liked to cook crystal sugar baby cough pears water, but if you put too much rock candy, cough effect not only can not play, but because of too sweet to make cough.

4, the home environment to be comfortable, temperature and humidity

Room to keep the air fresh, temperature, humidity appropriate attention to air disinfection, no smoking, prevent irritation and special smoke odor. Room temperature is best controlled at 25 ℃ ~ 28 ℃. Humidity is preferably maintained at 60% to 70% is appropriate.

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