【Toy Story】一件能改善夫婦關係的電器!A piece of home appliance that improve marriage life instantly!

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是這樣的,夏日來到,香港又進入三十多度高溫日子,大男孩的家座向西北,客廳的冷氣不足以抵抗急劇上升的熱力。Hot summer is coming to town. 38-degree hot days are not rare in Hong Kong. I live in an apartment that facing north west. Afternoon sun can easily turn my house into an oven. The air-conditioner alone is not enough to keep the house cool.

小女孩就整天在埋怨大男孩沒有提供一個安全的居住環境給她。但她口中的所謂安全,其實是大男孩的安全,因為過熱後的小女孩,是會像蘇亞雷斯一樣去咬人的,而且不會被停賽...So I am accused by my wife all day long for not providing a comfortable living environment to her. Soon or later she will turn into Luis Suarez. My shoulder will be as bad as Giorgio Chiellini in no time. Yet she will not be suspended for match...

為了自身的安全,我帶了它回家。喔,不是後面的花,那是結婚當天留下的,而是dyson新版的dyson Cool。So for my own sake I brought this home, the latest version dyson cool bladeless fan.

在這個年頭,產品包裝真的很講究,一刻自High過後,最終包裝都很快被放進回收箱內。It is nicely packed. Though I am not a big fan of packaging.

這部2014年新版的dyson AM06加入了黑色選擇,而且是啞面效果的黑色,雖然知道會容易看見堆積在入風口的塵埃,但由於跟客廳電視牆的絨毛牆紙非常匹配,所以是必然之選。The all-new 2014 dyson AM06 offers black color option. The black matt finish is very appealing. Even though you can see the dust accumulate around the inhalation area, this black color version is just to beautiful to resist. It matches perfectly with my wall paper as well.

在馬來西亞製造的。It is made in Malaysia.

出風圓框內部是亮光銀色的,好漂亮啊。The exhalation frame is painted glossy silver color.

新版本除了外形更漂亮外,亦變得非常寧靜。尤記得剛推出無葉風扇時,我們特意走到百老匯分店試聽下聲音,當時覺得在嘈雜的店面中風扇摩打聲音還是比較大。新版本已經改良了許多,一般我會調到一半風力,風量足夠而且非常安靜。Inside the beauty look there is technological advancement. It becomes more quiet then previous models. I went to a dealer to check on the previous version once. I could still hear the loud motor sound in a crowded shop. But now I feel nothing in my living room just when I put it to half power.

小小的LED顯示屏幕,顯示風速及自動關機時間等資訊。A small LED panel tells you the wind speed and timer setting.

AM06配備一個細小的遙控器用來遙遠控制風扇,它還可以以磁力固定在風扇頂部。It comes with a mini-size remote control. It sits on the top of the frame with magnetic connection.

遙控器的外形也被設計成弧形,以迎合風扇的外形。The remote control is curve shaped so it fits perfectly to the top of the fan.

很有趣的電源插頭,圓形的!I love this funny looking plug!

客廳的電視牆,是大男孩精心設計及擺放的,試問怎樣能忍心隨便放部日本城有得賣的風扇上去呢?The TV wall is designer by myself. The dyson cool blends in perfectly isn't it?

有了它,讓室內的冷空氣流動著,降溫效果很明顯的。要是您問大男孩,那隨便找一個電風扇不就是有相同效果嗎?大男孩就會問您,你曾經洗過風扇嗎?It keeps the cool air flow in the house. The cooling effect is obvious. Traditional electric fan can do the same. But it will give you a real big headache when you clean it. Have you ever clean the blades?



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