IT is a language!

Digital transformation is going fiercely in the world nowadays. I think it is fair to say that no business in the world can continue without digital elements in it. Just like all the language lessons we took in our school time, IT is also a essential language in most of the business.

It is being said that different cultures developed different languages, and those languages shape the way we think. For example, English speakers are very sensitive to time, so there are different tenses in the grammar. Learning things about IT would the same trick. In digital world, things are being run in logics completely. Turning things into digital, means they need to be quantifiable, and break into different logics and steps. By using IT's perspective to revisit everything on your hand, can actually understand your business better.

I remember when I start taking my first coding lesson, the famous "Hello World", I didn't know what I was getting into. By only few years of training in the university, I understand the concept about front end, back end, server, API, network, blah blah blah, you name it. I didn't know what they will actually help me other than working in an IT company. But now, when I'm listening to business colleagues describe their work, I can easily imagine how the same things can be done in a much faster manner when we bringing in digital. The thoughts just being generated at the same moment while we are speaking to each other. It feels a lot like I am listening some languagte and interpreting them in a litearal manner, and at the same time, translate them into language of IT.

Therefore, to adopt to the world of digitalization better, learn the language of IT, can litearally make your life easier.


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