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I haven't seen mother for a long while, i know a speciality shop in Causeway Place,
My mother and i decided to eat in this cafe as celebrate Mothers Day.mad
The menu still had very good-looking food photos inside.
As the same time, we deciding on what to to eat, and oder Oats Yogurt Milkshake in the initial stages.
Oats Yogurt Milkshake $38
Yogurt and Oats were both suprising! The Yogurt had a strong acidic buttery taste was nice when you stir it with a topping of Oats and cream that often stimulate the appetite. Certainly, it is My cup of tea.
Squid n' Ink Linguine $98
A list of ingredients about Lemon, Tomatoes, squid, vanilla and ink pasta.
The bottom of this ink pasta was intense black color and the savory spicy smell of the Squid n' Ink fills my mouth makes me want to eat them again and again unit none is left. That aside, this squid is really fresh and rubbery but also tasteless.
HeSheEat Burger $118
The burger was includes, mushroom, beefy beef with grilled cheese rolls, it creates a meaty umami flavour that makes the outside of the burger taste more distinctive from the cheese and mushroom inside. The thick beef and puts an mushroom in the middle to keep them moist.
To sum up, this is a fun and creative way to invite my mom dinner with me.

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