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Do you Remember those from your childhood?

每一個人小時候, 一定有個屬於自己的氣球。
小狗、寶劍、花朵, 你一定會見過, 甚至擁有過。

Each of you may had a balloon before.
You may have seen or even owed balloon puppy, sword,and flowers when you were a child.

但時日太快, 無知的小孩一晚長大。有多少成年人還會玩氣球呢?
不錯, 成年人不會再玩氣球, 因為我們對氣球的態度很認真!

When the time goes by, Adults wouldn't play with balloon anymore.
Yep, we wouldn't play with balloon. We do balloons seriously.

▼ I did it with my partners

日本及台灣的氣球工藝已及發展得十分完善, 每年亦有不同大小的比賽
The balloon art industry in Japan and Taiwan have been well developed and they have many balloon conventions every year.

▼日本氣球大會JBAN (Japan's Balloon Artist NetworkBalloon) 參賽作品

▼JBAN (Japan's Balloon Artist NetworkBalloon) Fashion 參賽作品

▼美國Balloon World Convention 2012 參賽作品

氣球現在除了可以給別人一種天真的感覺外, 還可以有另一份的高貴
You can also feel the noble from balloons.

▼Work of Rie Hosokai

之後的時間, 我會帶領大家更了解氣球的魅力。
I will lead everyone to have better understanding to the charm of balloons.

Balloon, it is not only for kid!

待續 To Be Continue ...

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