Balloon World Convention 2014 即將展開

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每兩年一度的Balloon World Convention 2014 下週在美國丹佛市舉行, 我們之後會為大家直擊報導。
Balloon World Convention 2014 held in Denver,Co, USA will start next week, and please keep track of our reports.

Video from the Convention

該大會有超過55個學習課程及9個不同大小的氣球比賽, 令人目不暇給。
There are over 55 learning programs and nine different balloon competition.

Competition Categories:

Large Sculpture
Medium Sculpture
Balloon Fashion
Deliverable Sculpture
Table Arrangement
Delivery Bouquet
Balloon Column
Balloon Hat
Balloon Figure

而每一個比賽類別除了分為冠、亞、季, 還有Platinum Achievement 、Gold Achievement、 Silver Achievement、及Bronze Achievement。

In addition to the traditional First, Second, and Third-place awards in each category, entries will be recognized by Platinum Achievement 、Gold Achievement、 Silver Achievement、及Bronze Achievement.

Let see what they did the last Convention:

▼製作中的Large Sculpture 作品
Making of Large Sculpture


Sculpture from Japanese competitors

Sculpture from Taiwan competitors

▼Balloon Column作品

▼Festival of Balloons workshop

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